Changing the Battery in Your Volkswagen Remote Key

Noticing that your remote key fob isn't working like it used to? Do you need to be closer and closer to open your vehicle or pop the trunk? Not fun with an arm load of groceries!!

Changing your battery for your Volkswagen remote flip key fob can be accomplished fairly easily and inexpensively. Check out the instructions in the video to see how to do so. The battery can be purchased at your local Dollar stores (Sunbeam Lithium CR2032) for a minimal amount.

It helps to have a small screwdriver to separate the halves and the actual battery compartment itself. We do recommend that you be careful. You won't damage the key fob but you can slip and poke yourself with the screwdriver!! Ouch!! And it takes a bit of strength.

Whether of not you've been a previous customer if you're not comfortable changing the battery yourself you can always drop by Foster Auto Group at 238 Dundas Street East and and we'll change it for you!! We are always happy to be of service and to meet old and new friends. While visiting our dealership we invite you to have a look at our selection of quality used Volkswagen and certified used cars for sale in Hamilton.